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September 25, 2017
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Punting On The Lake

Are smooth floating boats calling your name?

Well now the punts don’t have to yell so loud, with a beautiful location in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens right near the CBD!

Enjoy a decadent high tea at the nearby Terrace cafe or order a picnic box and lay out a blanket on the grassy knolls. For added romance, bring along a speaker and some tunes to listen to. Brownie points are guaranteed.

Originally used to cross the Yarra River, these boats (which are actually called ‘punts’) gave their name to the well known Punt Road!

Punting on the Lake has some of the friendliest punters (the people who row the punt gently down the … stream …) you will find. Be rowed around the tranquil Ornamental lake while sitting under a provided authentic wooden umbrella. Enjoy the stunning views of the sun setting for the day on the Sunset Cruise, the shades of dim light on the Evening Cruise, or seep up the suns rays on one of the day tours!

Address             Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
Cost                  $50 for 2



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