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The Butterfly Club

The Butterfly Club is an astounding establishment, covered head to toe in lights, glamour and glitz.

Showcasing a variety of talented performers – and bartenders, we can’t forget the people that bring us our drinks – The Butterfly Club is a great date venue for you and your bestie, mate, friend or date!

A highly recommended show – and perhaps one to set the mood – is The Bachela-la-la. A hilarious piss-take of the ever-popular TV show The Bachelor, The Bachela-la-la highlights the (utterly hilarious) journey of a woman looking for love.

But of course, there’s a twist. The Bachelorette’s improbable love is centred on a stage of improvisation!

That’s right, ‘improv’. With a large opportunity for audience participation, the Bachela-la-la goes on on-stage dates with her potential partners. What she doesn’t know is that the personalities of these partners have been picked by the audience!

Now, if you’re thinking that finding love at The Butterfly Club might prove as fruitless as the Bachela-la-la’s attempt, you may have to think again.

Both the Artistic Director and Publicity Manager met their respective wives at The Butterfly Club many moons ago. On top of that, the owner/Director of the place proposed to his fiancée there.

So you know, if you’re in it for the long game, a date at The Butterfly Club isn’t a bad idea… 😉

Address             Carson Place (behind Lt Collins St), Melbourne CBD
Cost for 2          From $100 inc a drink or two



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