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September 1, 2017
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The Cat Cafe

Full disclosure; I love cats. No, not the musical. The feline! They poop in a box, leave you alone, fend for themselves, and provide affection only to those who deserve it. We could start wars on the cats vs. dogs debate but let’s just settle for the fact that kittens are especially adorable.

So, if you’ve found yourself a partner or friend who loves cats, could you imagine a better place to get them in an “aww” mood then surrounding them by a pack of fun-loving kittens that just want your attention?

The number of cats out on the prowl in the House of Cuteness is modelled on the Japanese venues which garnered this worldwide phenomenon. All of the gorgeous felines come from various homes; some were sick, some were abandoned, some were rescues, and some are just your regular house cat who brings some normality to the crazy.

The café downstairs serves coffee, tea, and some cute little cat shaped snacks amongst other things. You can also load up on souvenirs for your two-legged friend and a heap of toys or treats for your four-legged feline.

It’s fascinating to spend some time in a place like this and to watch the cats different behaviours and styles get expressed through play and adventure. If one of them bores you, you can simply get up and find another.

It’s kind of like Tinder when you think about it. Except swiping in real life may get you a swat from a cat’s paw.

Address             30 Guildford Lane, Melbourne



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